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“I took Lauren’s Introductory meditation class during the pandemic lockdown because I thought that it may help me during such a difficult time.  Admittedly I was a bit nervous but I signed up and I’m so happy that I did.  I learned the fundamentals of meditation:  what it is, how it can help and how to do it.   Lauren is an excellent teacher:  kind, compassionate, clear in her instruction and motivational.  I recommend that you just try it!”

- Robin N.

Andrew Olendski –

“Equanimity is not the sort of neutrality that disengages or becomes disinterested, but rather is an attitude that is capable of embracing either pleasure or pain without reflexively reacting to them.”

"Lauren Rubin approaches her students and work with compassion, love, and appreciation. Lauren is a master teacher and working with her is an opportunity to grow in mind, heart and soul."

- Lulu Rubini, Boulder


I practiced with Lauren in-person before Covid-19 and have continued during the pandemic via Zoom.  In her classes, her calming voice and positive attitude helped me handle the flurry of emotions.  Many of the skills from her classes are practiced daily such as being kinder to myself and prioritizing my well-being.  Her passion for the teachings shines through.

I highly recommend her classes.

- H. Rudnick

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